Paw Power Blues Dog Club


Nosework is a recreational activity dog owners can enjoy with their canine companions. It evolved from training professional scent detection. 

Fun nosework encourages your dog's natural drive to hunt, coupled with their special talent for picking up scents and finding their source.  Interior searches, exterior searches, container searches, and vehicle searches are some of the places that the scents will be detected by the dogs. 

Nosework Run Throughs
Tuesday Nights

AKC Trial Run Thru's:  5:30 - 7:00 pm
Instructor:  Michelle Riccelli

Class is EVERY Tuesday! 

Cost: $20

Please contact Michelle to let her know you are coming & to get hide information.  E-mail:


For Barnhunt practice, please contact Karen Scobbie or Michelle Riccelli
Karen:; 708-525-7921

Barnhunt Workshops (All Experience Levels Invited)

Dates: July 9, August 6

Time:  1:30 - 3:30 pm
Cost: $20 per dog (includes 3 runs & assistance if needed)