Paw Power Blues Dog Club

Membership Meeting

March 3,2024

Board: 4 pm  
Members: 5 pm

About Us:

Located in Lowell, Indiana at 18026 South Wicker Ave, Paw Powers Blues Dog Club is a non-profit club, open to the public, promoting canine sports and activities. The club was founded in 1993 and focused on obedience. Today it has grown into a club that offers classes, trials, workshops, drop in training and fun matches in Rally/Obedience, Agility, Scentwork, Barn Hunt, and Flyball. 

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Club Leadership

President: Judy Rowe

Vice President: Brenda Bateman

Secretary: Susan Berkowicz        Treasurer: Gina Sparks

Denise Duriga, Jolene Flanery, Patty Rimkus
Building Reservation Calendar


Members--To reserve ring rental time or add events to the calendar, please e-mail the Calendar Keeper at